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Publication Ethics
Journal of Innovative Research and Solutions (JIRAS)
Editor: Dr.V.Srinivasan. ME, Ph.D, MBA, MIE
Print ISSN: 2320 1932
Online ISSN: 2348 3636
Periodicity: Half Yearly

Scope of Journal:
The journal aims and invites manuscripts from various researchers, practitioners and academician throughout the world focusing on innovative research application which will be of real solutions to social problems. Our mission is to promote quality research and also to document the quality research for future generation.

Abstracted & Indexed in:
Directory of Research Journal Indexing (DRJI), Research Gate, Indian Science Abstract (ISA), International Scientific Indexing (ISI), Google Scholar, World Indexed Journal Research Directory (WIJRD), Global Impact Factor (GIF) and International Impact Factor Services (IIFS).

The journal is addressed to both practicing professionals and researchers in the field of science and technology, professionals in academia, former researchers, students and other specialists interested in the results of scientific research and related subjects covered by the journal.

Submission of Articles:
Manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Innovative Research and Solutions are approved by the Editor-in-chief followed by formal peer review process conducted in collaboration with editorial board members and independent referees.
The authors may send their manuscript on the whole manuscript is required to be in one MS-Word file only.
All research communication must be written in English only.
It is obligatory that each author and co-author should be a member of JIRAS.
The manuscript will not be returned in any case whether accepted or rejected.
Acceptance of research articles will be communicated to authors in due course of time with a reference number.

Cover Page:
The cover page of the manuscript containing the title, AUTHOR NAME (S) & AFFILIATIONS:

Structure of the Paper:
Title, Authors affiliation, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Review of Literature, Aims and Objectives, Research Methodology, Analysis, Findings, Suggestions, Conclusions, References, Appendix.

The authors (s) are supposed to follow the references as per the following:
All works cited in the text (including sources for tables and figures) should be listed alphabetically as appropriate- the name of author(s), year of publication in bracket, title of the article/book, name of the journal, details of the publisher, volume and issue number, and starting and ending page numbers.

Editorial Board:
The journal have an active editorial board to review the received manuscript for selection in various fields representing National and International research experts.

Publication Policy:
Ethical Publication of Journal of Innovative Research and Solutions (JIRAS): JIRAS objective for publishing the journal is to document any innovative research ideas for future use worldwide. JIRAS adopts a neutral position in publishing related articles of various disciplines. Publication of articles involves many peer view functions. The author, peer group of reviewers (editorial board), editor, publishing society have responsibilities to ensure the trust worthiness of any articles published.

Medical Articles Ethical Policies:
Research involving Humans, Animals or Plants as subjects, materials, data must comply with Institutional, National or International guide limes. The authors are responsible for obtaining necessary permissions and approvals from concern bodies. This journal is registered journal hence all the regulation of our nation are mandatory. The authors are responsible for obtaining informed consent from human and for animals. The manuscript must include a page regarding a appropriate permission and / or licenses. The authors responsible for obtaining informed consent from the individual or kin and kith (if necessary) are regarding the images, videos relating to the individual participants. These documents must be available with the author and they must produce the same if necessary. All these documents will be kept confidentially. Clinical trials must state the trial registration number. COPE guide lines are applicable for plagiarism, duplicate manuscript etc. The authors must submit copy of the necessary documents along with the consent form.

Author Responsibilities:
To maintain accurate data regarding their research work and share the same if necessary for further clarifications by the editor / editorial board.
To declare that the manuscript is original and not reproduced or published anywhere (Declaration Form duly signed) in the journal.
To obtain prior permission to reproduce any content from other sources used in the research articles.
To duly acknowledge and cite the content reproduce from other sources in the research articles. (References in prescribed format of JIRAS) Authors should ensure the law and requirements of the local bodies in using human being, animals as study subjects for their research articles.
To declare that undue influences will not be made regarding publication of their articles during the publication process.
Errors found in the articles must be brought to the notice of the editor for corrections.
To co-operate and solve the issues of conflicts (if any) arises in the articles.
Ready to incorporate the suggestions to be made by the editorial board before publication. (If necessary)
The author has to ensure that, the same research work has not been carried out any where. (To avoid plagiarism)

Editorial Board Responsibilities:
The editorial board is free to comment on the research work.
They can assist in improving the quality of research work with valuable suggestions.
They have to bring out any conflicts or plagiarism found in the research work to the best of their knowledge.
They should maintain strict confidentiality.
They should not influence the editor in publishing the articles.
They should not retain the copy of the manuscript or contact authors directly for any queries regarding the research work.
They have to submit the detail report as per JIRAS evaluation for the research articles.
They have to alert the editor if same type of article is earlier reviewed or published.
They should be aware of any potential conflicts and alert the editor regarding the withdrawal of the manuscript.

Editor Responsibilities:
Editor is unbiased on the ground of author’s affiliation in publishing the article.
Editor will abide by the same rules and regulations as applicable for the regular issues in the case of special issues.
Only academic merit will be reviewed in the paper for acceptance and no commercial influence will entertained.
Editor will take appropriate remedial actions in case of conflicts.
Any complaints received will be thoroughly investigated by the committee and editor will abide by the decision of the committee.
Editor will not intervene in the editorial board process.
All the documents regarding conflicts will be kept confidentially.
The authors will be given a reasonable time to solve the conflicts. If ignorance is proved publication will be accepted.
Editor will inform regarding all the actions to the society.

Publisher Responsibilities (UIIRS):
Society will monitor every action of the publication process.
The journal is registered under Registrar News paper of India (RNI) –Government of India, hence it will follow all the rules and regulations of publication act.
The executive committee will forward the research article to respective editorial members.
It will not influence editor or editorial board regarding the publication of the articles.
All the actions taken regarding the publication process of the article will be documented by the society.
Based on the evaluation report accepted articles (ethical) will be published.
If any article published, is detected as unethical, it will be removed from the journal.
Action will be taken on unethical behavior detected in the research article.

Selection procedure of Manuscript for publication:
The articles are published by JIRAS only after acceptance score of at least 60 obtained by the triple blind check. The articles are checked without author affiliation by the authorities.

Content Evaluation:
At the first stage the editorial board member evaluate the manuscript in 5 point scale

Data Validation:
At the second stage the data calculation if any are checked by the respective authorities in 3 point scale.

At the third stage plagiarism of the manuscript is checked by standard plagiarism software in 2 point scale.

Acceptance of Articles:
On review of the editorial board, the score is obtained for an article

Review Report
Paper ID :
Title :
CategoryS.NoEvaluation CriteriaScore (0 to 10)
AContent Evaluation
1    Technical Content
2    Presentation Style
3   Innovation
4   Relevancy
5   References
BData Validation
1   Data
2   Tables and Figures
3   Findings
1   Originality
2   Social Impact

Eligibility criteria for acceptance of an article
Score0 - 3940 - 5960 - 7576 - 9091 - 100
    Status    Poor     Moderate     Good     Very good     Excellent
    Recommendation     Rejected     Modify & Accept     Accepted     Accepted     Accepted

Note: Minimum Score required in each category are 30 in A, 20 in B & 10 in C

Publication Charges:
Publication Fee: Rs 200/- per page or US$ 10 per page
Reprint cost per copy: Rs 500/ copy or US$ 75 per copy

Open Access Agreement:
Published Articles can be accessed by authors on line in our website at free of cost.

All the manuscript are kept confidential and reviewed by blind process. Editors and reviewers are required to treat all submitted manuscripts in strict confidence. The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.

Corrections and Additions:
If any correction or retraction in the articles must be done by author and resubmit the articles.

We hereby declare that we are committed to ensuring that advertising, reprint or other commercial revenue has no impact or influence on editorial decisions. We also ensure the quality of research before publishing, especially in case of (suspected duplicate or plagiarism) by peer review process. The editor will abide by the report of the editorial board in taking decision about the accepting or rejecting the articles. The editor is willing to publish any corrections and clarification an apologies when needed.

The editor cannot be held responsible for errors or any consequences arising from the use of information printed or contained in the journal of JIRAS. The data published are solely given by the authors and publishers are not responsible for the same. Every effort is made by the editorial team and the publisher to avoid inaccurate or misleading, illegal, information appearing in JIRAS.

We also hereby declare that the particulars given above are true to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Editor in Chief:
Dr.V.Srinivasan. ME, Ph.D, MBA, MIE
President – Universal Innovative Interdisciplinary Research Society (UIIRS)

Managing Editor:
Dr.R.Kausalya. MSc, MBA, Ph.D, FICER
Managing Editor (Hon.) – JIRAS

Office Address:
The Editor
Journal of Innovative Research and Solutions
No.5 / 4- Kamaraj High Road,
Muthamizh Nagar, Pammal, Chennai - 600 075.
Tamilnadu, India.

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