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Indexing and IF
World Indexed Journal Research Directory (WIJRD)

What is Indexing?:
Indexing is the process of creating indexes for record collections. Having indexes allows researchers to quickly find more records for specific individuals; without them, researchers might have to look through hundreds or thousands of records to locate an individual record. It also represents a number referring to a list of terms, definitions, topics etc. arranged in alphabetical order in order to efficiently guide the readers to the desired information within the content.Indexing facilitates in the organization of literature in such a manner that makes the document of interest easily identifiable by the readers.

WIJRD Impact Factor:
The journals with ISSN and indexed in WIJRD for a minimum period of one year and at least two issues published per year are eligible.

The material published or transmitted must abide by the Charter of Fundamental Rights and respect fundamental ethical principles.

The WIJRD Impact Factor is calculated per year on the basis of a 10 points scale and on Number of articles published by the journal during that year. Qualities of the articles of every issue are judged by the peer review committee of WIJRD.

Originality of Research (OR): 0-10 points
Innovation in Research (IR): 0-10 points
Society benefit (SB): 0-10 points
Regularity of Journal (RJ): 0-10 points
Text formatting (TF): 0-10 points
Quality Contributing Factor (QCF) = ( 4*OR + 2*IR+2*SC+1*RJ+1*TF)
Score for Articles published (every 50 articles score value is 0.005)
WIJRD Impact Factor = ((Sum of QCF)/No of articles in that year)* score for Total no of articles published by the journal

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