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Premature ejaculation is something that can cause problems for partners in sexual relationship, and despite general impression that it is not that common, around 30% of men experience the issue at some point in their lifetime. By definition, it means that ejaculation happens even before the start of intercourse, or in some cases very soon after penetration. The actual cause of it is not known, but research suggests that the triggers come from the brain itself, and it is often combined with emotional states like guilt, anxiety or stress. It is sometimes common in combination with erectile dysfunction.

How to treat premature ejaculation?

Treatment starts with a diagnosis given by a doctor, and may include additional opinion of a specialist. In general, treatment can include help through therapy, different intercourse techniques or medications. The most popular medications in treatment of erectile dysfunction, like Viagra and Cialis, are shown to yield good results. Antidepressants are also able to provide solution to the issue, since one of known side effects is delay in ejaculation. However, due to other side effects, antidepressants should be taken with caution.

What is Priligy

Dapoxetine is also an antidepressant used in treatment of premature ejaculation, primarily for men up to 64 years old. For general public, it is more commonly referred to under the brand name of Priligy and it is now manufactured by Johnson & Johnson. Its primary function is in treatment of anxiety, depression and mild mood disorders. Its efficacy in orgasm control is around 80%. Unlike other antidepressants that provide the benefit as a side effect, Priligy was specifically designed with this issue in mind. Another major different as compared to other medications in the category of antidepressants, is that it acts rather quickly. At the same time, the side effect of delayed orgasm also wears off sooner than with other similar medications.

Dapoxetine efficacy

Dapoxetine works by inhibiting serotonin uptake in the brain. In its original form, it comes in a form of a powder that can be dissolved in water. Once ingested, it is absorbed and distributed very quickly. Its efficacy was the subject of several studies that have shown, across a significant sample population size, the medication is effective. The range of prolonged ejaculation is between half a minute and up to three and a half minutes.

Since Priligy in Schweiz is a prescription drug, it should be taken only if prescribed by a doctor. Additionally, the intent is for it to be taken only when needed, usually at least an hour, but not more than three hours before intercourse. Standard packaging has 30 pills of 30 milligrams each. Although it has been sold in many countries around the world, it is still not approved by FDA for sale in the US.

Side effects

The list of side effects includes blood pressure spike, blurry vision, tingling, dizziness and sleep disorders. Most people who stopped taking the medication claim they’ve done so because of the side effects, not because of lack of efficacy. Additionally, people using blood thinners, certain medications for liver and heart diseases should abstain from taking this medication. It should be taken with water, and never with alcohol. The instances of an allergic reactions are very rare, but some people reported a decrease in libido. There was never a registered case of an overdose. Patients are also advised that Priligy is not a cure, but rather a temporary solution to ejaculation control issue.

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